Advantages of the mixing system

The quality of your end product can never be better than the quality of the mixture!

The advantages for the mixed product:
  • Higher tool speeds can be used for example to
    - optimally solubilize fibers
    - completely pulverize pigments
    - optimize mixing of fine fractions
    - manufacture suspensions with a high solid content
  • Medium tool speeds are used to
    -  achieve mixtures with a high mixture quality
  • At lower tool speeds
    - lightweight additives or foams can be gently added to the mixture

The advantages for production:

  • The rugged design guarantees outstanding service life and high reliability
  • Wear elements are easily accessible and therefore easily exchangeable
  • The seals are not in direct contact with the product

Feedback from Eirich customers confirms:

  • Materials of all types and consistency can be processed quickly and at high quality
  • Improved distribution of additives
  • Waste is significantly reduced
  • Levels of wear are significantly lower
  • Availability of the system is greatly increased