Mixer batchwise

The quality of your end product can never be better than the quality of the mixture!
In contrast to other mixing systems, the throughput rate and mixing intensity of EIRICH intensive batch mixers can be adjusted independently of each other.

  • The mixing tool can run at variable speeds from fast to slow
  • This allows the power input into the mixture to be adapted to the specific mix
  • Hybrid mixing processes are made possible e.g. slow – fast – slow
  • Higher tool speeds can be used for example to:
    - optimally solubilize fibers
    - completely pulverize pigments, optimize mixing of fine fractions
    - manufacture suspensions with a high solid content
  • Medium tool speeds are used to achieve mixtures with a high mixture quality
  • At low tool speeds, lightweight additives or foams can be gently added to the mixture

The mixer mixes without separating the mixture; 100 % material agitation during each revolution of the mixing pan. EIRICH intensive batch mixers are available in two series with a usable volume ranging from 1 to 12,000 liters.