The right technology for your task

Spacious premises with 2,500 sqm of floorspace house modern machines which are constantly modernized and added to for all relevant applications:

  • Laboratory and pilot machines, both for batch and continuous operation
  • Complete processing lines with extensive peripheral equipment
  • Process data acquisition
  • State-of-the-art computation and simulation methods

An in-house test laboratory offers the following extensive equipment:

  • Standard processes for particle measurement (dry and wet screening, air jet screening, camsizer, laser diffraction analysis)
  • Microscopes with image capture
  • Quick-test moisture measurement devices
  • Drying chambers, muffle furnaces, diverse scales for analytical, fine and coarse weighing
  • Molding sand testing units
  • Photometers, IR cameras
  • REM microscope
  • Texture analyzer (a testing machine for determining the physical properties of diverse materials) for, e. g. determining granule strength