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Your control system is tested in the EIRICH test center

We leave nothing to chance here:
Prior to delivery, your control center is subjected to a very thorough inspection in our specially equipped test center.

Testing down to the last detail
We follow this up by subjecting the hardware to exhaustive testing – on the basis of each individual page of the circuit diagrams. Similarly, the software functions and the operational routines reproduced in the program are also subjected to exhaustive testing.

The advantages to you

  • “Plug and play” tested hardware and software ensures that commissioning times are kept as short as possible on site – and cuts out-expensive on-site testing
  • It is possible for preacceptances of the control systems and control functions to be undertaken by your operating personnel at our test center. Any requests for changes which arise in the process can be implemented quickly and easily and will have been completed by the commissioning stage.